How Remote Monitoring Works
Through M2M’s hardware which connects to the panel, controller, RTU, or PLC on your equipment, or through our equipment partners that have M2M enabled products, we are able to gather numerous data points. This may include temperature readings, pressure readings, vibration, oil pressure, suction, flows etc. We then back haul this information via satellite, cellular, or internet communications depending on what works best for your application, to our data center. The data is processed as it’s received in real-time and made available through the RMS and Aquavx portals.

Managed Network Infrastructure
For man-to-machine, machine-to-machine, and mobile-to-machine device networks, managing large-scale, robust infrastructure can be a huge undertaking.

M2M provides a fully managed device-networking infrastructure for SCADA and related remote monitoring and management solutions. These services form the basis of the best guarantees in the business, and allow our customers to bring their remote assets online immediately – without the burden of building and maintaining device networks, communications, and application infrastructure.

World Class Data Center
The core of M2M’s infrastructure is a world-class data center at the heart of the U.S. telecommunications industry, in Denver, Colorado.
This highly scalable facility provides large volume data processing and analysis and ensures physical security of the servers, a clean, temperature controlled environment, redundant regulated power, and multiple connections to the Internet.

World Class Security
At M2M we take data security seriously. You can rest assured that your data will always be protected, from when it comes off of your assets, through the communications process, and when you view it through our encrypted RMS and Aquavx portals.