With over a decade of experience in the horticulture industry, Bloom’s founders have positioned the company to capitalize on the growth of urban farming. Growth in this subject demographic has been
driven by a few factors.
-Higher Standards for sustainable vertically integrated, eco-friendly cultivation systems
-Greater expectations for quality control, freshness and cost reduction
-Need for a year-round crop production
-All variables are controlled allowing cultivation without pesticides and herbicides
-Health conscious Baby Boomer generation
-Government regulatory changes
Bloom believes that these drivers will continue to stimulate growth in urban farming and ultimately the need for sustainable vertically integrated cultivation facilites. This paradigm shift will present tremendous opportunity for those who recognize its importance and align their business practices with the needs of the consumer.

CEO Comments

Bloom Innovations’ primary concern is enhancing its client’s operations by implementing efficient and sustainable business practices. No matter what stage your business is at, Bloom can offer solutions that will help reduce costs and improve quality control & output. We have developed proprietary methods for creating the very best vertically integrated cultivation facilities. From cultivation to retail sale, Bloom offers a model that will ensure the profitable longevity of your business. Through the development of strategic partnership. BLoom will expand its footprint across the United States and abroad.